Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The match with Norway, players: We will play all odds

Durres -
One attack to mark the task, one needs to protect to prevent opponents record. Hamdi Salihi and Andi Lila are ready to follow through on their mission to come up with a positive result in that the national game of Albania will play in the transfer of Oslo against Norway. Two players hold the same line with coach De Biasi. This challenge is very important, difficult, but the Rossoneri will play all their chances.

"The two main games need to be realistic that Norway has a very good team, very talented players and will not be easy match. Increased confidence in the team and is likely to do something different from what we have done past editions "Salihi said.

"Depending on the game, even a tie would be good result. We lost the first match against Iceland and won the second match with Slovenia. Where known, can be beat Norway. Kam much hope for a positive result," said Lila .

Albanian national team continues preparations in Durrës, and for the first time with the team is also stërvituar Migjen midfielder Basha.

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