Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Precipitation, landslide in Librazhd

Reshjet, rrëshqitje dheu në Librazhd
A massive land slide occurred Tuesday afternoon in Librazhd, causing considerable material damage.

According to the information of local authorities, by landslides collapsed a house in the village Kuturman.

Meanwhile, the underlying sources, there is a risk of further rrëshiqjte soils, which threaten to kill the other flats.

Given the problematic situation, socialist deputy Taulant Balla asked institutions to help residents.

Cause landslides have been heavy rains that have swept the country in recent days, which although declining, left side effects.

A few days ago, a landslide occurred during the night caused the blocking of traffic in the road axis linking Këlcyrën with Përmet.

Local authorities informed that the crash happened at a place called Kuqar, where for a few hours crossing became impossible.

Authorities indicated that two diggers worked for the opening of the road that leads to the customs of the Three Bridges. Even for non-small slide because they were rain, which in some areas have been the subject of intense.

As at the end of last month a landslide was verified in village Ngraçie, in Mallakaster. Local authorities reported that the soil massif were involved at least 12 homes, six of which were made ​​uninhabitable.

Authorities indicated that landslides were not injured persons, while residents were damaged homes took refuge elsewhere.

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