Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Egjipt, arrestohet kushëriri Gaddafi

Egjipt, arrestohet kushëriri Gaddafi-tEgyptian police have arrested a close associate and relative of former Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's. Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam has been the special envoy of Tripoli in Cairo for many years, leaving Libya to go to Egypt, only some time after 2011-s protests against Colonel Gaddafi's. General Prosecutor of Egypt has ordered the detention 30-day Gaddaf al-Dam, as the charges against him are being investigated. He surrendered to Egyptian police forces, after his home in Cairo was surrounded by them. Gaddaf al-Dam is one of several important figures in Libya, living in Egypt, which is followed by the Libyan authorities and international police bodies, Interpol, since the end of the war. Deputy Attorney General of Libya, Taha Baar, confirmed the arrest, saying that Libya had submitted to the Attorney General to issue Egypt Gaddaf al-Dam, some time ago. Taha Baar added that preliminary charges, made known by Interpol, is forging his official documents. Libyan authorities have stressed that there are many other charges in addition. A source in the Ministry of Interior in Cairo, told the BBC that Gaddaf al-Dam surrendered to security forces after 10 vehicles surrounded his home in Zamalek, next door to the capital city of Egypt.

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