Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Agreement between Kosovo and Albania

Kosovo and Albania are expected to form a joint working group that will deal with the possibility of using temporary Albania telephone code +355, while Kosovo to get the code of the state itself.

This was announced after a meeting in Pristina between the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj and Innovation Minister, Genc Pollo, who signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of communication and information teknoligjisë.

But when Albania will make such a request in the ITU? Mr. Pollo says it will be when it is concluded that this is the right way and to find legal avenues for this. Meanwhile, Minister Beqaj reiterated readiness for Kosovo to such a code temporarily.

"Tirana will intervene to help resolve the problem. In one way or another, Kosovo should have its own prefix, whether Albania, if another solution is useful for Kosovo economically, firstly, that it is charging and receipts of an important economic sector large financial volume. So we are ready to follow this agreement to find the best solutions for the benefit of Kosovo in the first, and opportunities bileterale on a second, "said Polo.

"Kosovo is ready to take such a code temporary and will work for this. Meanwhile, we were harmonizuam to look at all the technical possibilities, because under these mechanisms discussed with the ITU, which makes licensing the use of state codes, "said the other Beqaj minister.

But, despite these commitments, Beqaj Minister announced that Kosovo is concerned that as soon have its own code and state within this factorised, and received the promise of the Minister Pollo that Albania will play its role in order Kosovo to facilitate the resolution of its code and telephone in the process of membership in international organizations.

Meanwhile, according to the agreement signed between the two ministers also provided with its entry into force, citizens of Kosovo or Albania, who travel to the European Union, have lower costs when using their mobiles.

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