Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fault in the substation, northeast without light

Defekt në nënstacion, verilindja pa drita
The entire region of Kukes is without electricity, making more than 128 thousand people remain without access.

Due to this light cuts are made ​​quite difficult meteorological conditions that are accompanied by more than 24 hours of the northeastern region. According infomracioneve taken by CEZ distribution in Kukes says that specialists have taken this step after high winds caused damage in the distribution network.

To prevent damage to the other they are supposed to distract furnzimin after fidrat follow as a result of the strong wind, associate with each other and create unity, leading to their burning. More than 3 firdra are currently burning. According to the company CEZ without power are also Puka Kalimash. In these cities, all services are performed by means of generators that roar.

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