Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Party campaigns in Macedonia

Campaign MaqedoniGostivari parties was station next party election meetings Albanian Democratic Union for Integration in Macedonia. President Ali Ahmeti urged citizens to support the BDI candidate for mayor, Nevzat Bejta.
Fushata e partive në MaqedoniAccording to Ahmeti, candidate Bejta knowledge and energy necessary to achieve the best program for the development of Gostivar. "By request that you support and go near as many people around the platform DUI. After this platform and stands DUI program with all the capacity, human resources and its membership. Score that you will pass on March 24 means victory for you, "said Ahmad. While the Albanian Democratic Party held last night in Struga main rally. DPA leader Menduh Thaci said Struga has the advantage that vote Ziadin selenium, a man who has remained faithful Arben Xhaferi political school, which would like to vote for all Albanians, from all corners. Meanwhile, according to the Albanian media, Macedonian parties have prepared a special plan for the March 24 election observation, in order to maximize their votes in these areas. According to news agency "INA", this plan is expected to apply, especially in hot areas such as Kicevo and Struga, where ethnic battle is intense. These political forces, we learn that already have prepared a map of the distribution of party monitors, all mainline.

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