Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Watched emissions are Valley of the Wolves, Compromise,True love

                                            Valley of the Wolves

Lugina e Ujqerve - nga e hena ne te premte, ora 20:00One television serials followed Turk, wolves Valley builds on Mafia-State relationship and has at its center a counterintelligence agent Turk. A dark valley in a suburbs of Istanbul is the epicenter of endless illegal affairs, which generated tremendous amounts of money every day.

                                                 True love

Dashuri te verteta - Nga e hena ne te premte, ora 18.00A product of the year 2012. It began with an abduction attempt Victoria Balvaneras, a large owner of land and the owner of an advertising agency known. Jose Angel, who happened to be in the family property to apply the position in charge, and saves him from the criminals.


Kompromisi - se shpejtiA policeman, who for the sake of duty has given up on love, life and humanity ... A woman overwhelmed by feelings of hatred, do not bother fighting for her love ... A mother crushed by the weight of secrecythat hides ... dad and son sworn enmity against each other ...

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