Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inaugural Mass, the Pope: Do not be afraid of grace

Vatican -
Vatican began today Pontificate of Francis I. 200 thousand people gathered in St. Peter's Square for the inauguration Mass enthusiastically attended the event. Arriving from different countries of the world, waving banners and flags of the Vatican on this historic day did not lack Albanian flags. Among the participating delegations from around the world, he was led by the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha and Parliament Speaker Topalli. Delegation headed by the Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, and the American Vice / President, Joe Biden.

Pope Francis mbëriti in the morning papmobilin under the cheers of the faithful as ever, came down from his vehicle to bless the sick. "Long live the Pope" was brohoritja that gave way inauguration ceremonies which ended with the fall of the endless bells in the Vatican. At the beginning of Mass, the Pope recalled his predecessor Josef Ratzinger who attended the ceremony from Castel Gandolfo and addressed the gathered leaders from around the world:

"Please all those who hold positions of responsibility in the economic, political and social, to be guardians of the creation of God, rooted in nature, to the other and the surrounding environment," said Papa. As was already created impression, Papa Francis will be a pope of the people, which was reinforced by his message. The Holy Father conveyed messages of love. "Only those who serve with love, are able to protect. We should not be afraid of grace meekness," Papa said Francis.

"Gentleness, said At Bergolio, is not a virtue of the weak contrast, shows courage and skill to care, compassion and openness to others, the ability to love. '" The ministry of the Bishop of Rome, said Papa, also includes a power, but the real power is the service and even the Pope to exercise his power, he should cast eyes humbly humble service of Joseph, looking with love and tenderness all humanity, especially the poor , the weak and the young. "One of the first tasks of the Pope that paprapriu Mass and blessing at the Vatican, was the visit to the tomb of St. Peter to honor him. Francis surrendered robe symbolizing his role as" grass Faithful flock. "

Later, Cardinal Angelo Sodano gave the ring of the fisherman who unlike his paradhësit will simply be silver. The robe and ring, Francis I officially began his duties as pope of 266. Pope accepted belief Cardinals and Mass began with the Pope who spoke in Italian by focusing on Joseph and his defense role of Mary, Jesus and the Church.

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