Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Klodiana Lala Aurora Koromani

Ardian Prrenjas depend on the rope. We do not want to see his face, killing children. Daughter left us in the middle of the road. I am ashamed to see me man. I feel bad neighbors. Who to take my mind that he was such a man ... ". Beglije B., Valbona P. grandmother, 24-year-old daughter, which coexist for a year and a half with "monstrën" Ardian Prrenjas, feels shocked by the terrible crime that has been discovered, where the protagonist is 45-year-old who was introduced as son in their home. The elderly living alone in the apartment gjashtëkatësh, adjacent to the former school building in Laprakë Party. Had fallen asleep last night at 20.00, as was all alone in the house that they could hardly be called such, because there was only one room. "I am annoyed by all this happened. I do not believe it ever that Ardian can make a thing. He behave with Valbona. Barely provide a living, but do not take the mind to do such things. As the ink does not want to see. Embarrassed us. Up as he and his mother, "said the woman. Extremely troubled, 72-year-old story of "AI" recognition of her niece with Ardian, their coexistence, and full details of the life of "dark" human "monster" ....I met today (yesterday) at lunch. Came around 13:00 pm. Just been set free by the police.A police officer had given $ 3 currency to pay the bus fare, as neither currency was not with him. Living in poor conditions.Valbona not stop crying and saying 'I slept in a bed with a monster'. She never knew that her husband kill children. Quite often her friend left Ardian several times to keep his son ten years.Valbona is my daughter's first child. Living in bad trouble. Valbona has not been a single day in school and not literate. Her life has been hard. They married when he was 20 years old and passed quickly. Now left in the middle of the streets. Who marry now happened and this misery?!

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