Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Draft decorations

Laws Committee approved the bill that defines sided all institutions have the right to make proposals for the award of decorations or honorary titles, limiting it to 9 leading institutions, such as Parliament Speaker, the Prime Minister, ministers or heads of courtsAcademy of Sciences.
Projektligji për dekoratatFor the opposition, the draft lacks the criteria which will be awarded these honors. With this proposal, the government argues closes access road that currently exists that a proposal can do and an association or non-state organization. There is a clear definition of legal separation for decorations and honorary titles, which will continue to be provided solely by the President, while medals will be awarded by the President of the Assembly, the Prime Minister and ministers. Each institution under this Act shall be entitled to give honors, titles or medals will establish an advisory committee, which will handle any proposal come, first assess merit and contribution of the person sought to be honored, but his criminal past.

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