Thursday, March 21, 2013

Berisha: Priority jobs

"All our effort is going to be to create as many jobs, to create 4 years to come even 250 thousand new jobs." Prime Minister Sali Berisha this is the most important promise of the Democratic Party to win another term government to implement the project, Albania, a developed country.

During the inauguration of a new 13-kilometer road connecting the two municipalities Gramsh, the Prime Minister said that the decisive condition for development is the construction of infrastructure. During these years, according to Mr. Berisha in the construction of 10 thousand kilometers of roads have been employed 58 thousand people.

"The road is because the road creates employment opportunities for investors to invest in every corner of Albania, where modern infrastructure.Two other sectors which will open new jobs under the plan are Democratic Party tourism, with about 40 thousand people more and agriculture sector, where during the last four years, according to the Prime Minister are credited with 42 thousand households and government grantsemploys 100 thousand people.

"What promise? In 4 years you come to be employed, not 100 thousand but 130 thousand Albanians and give you keyword that we will dyfishjojme grants for farmers Gramsci and all Albania, "Berisha said.

Premier Berisha calculates that the new fiscal package, which removes VAT on agricultural inputs, machinery for all businesses, cutting income tax for people with salaries up to 300 thousand ALL and cutting taxes for three years for businesses that employ young, will rrrisn in 4 years with 30 percent of the number of businesses in Albania.

"These are our accounts and these have to believe because these are proven. Exists and an alternative, which give success lie, lie and lie only, "said Berisha.

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