Friday, March 22, 2013

No agreement Kosovo-Serbia

Asnjë marrëveshje Kosove-Serbi Although expectations were high, the seventh round of talks between Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci Serbian Dacic ended without agreement on the north.
However, as a mediator of the dialogue, Catherine Ashton, and the two heads of the respective governments, agreed that in these talks is progress. Learned that Belgrade has agreed to give up parallel structures supported him in the north, but it requires that there be established a set of municipalities with Serbian majority, which would have executive powers. While Pristina agreed to the creation of this association, but without giving these municipalities executive power. After marathon table, which lasted until late Wednesday, for the first time, the parties came to a joint press conference. "We've been together in these long talks with good intentions to make progress, which we have achieved. In my personal opinion, are very close to a solution to some very important issues in relation to the north of Kosovo. "" We had an all day marathon meeting and dating is not easy. But, it has been developed in a positive and constructive atmosphere. Can confirm that there has been some progress on some issues that have been addressed. I can not say that we are very near or far, but we are on the right path. "Thaci said. "Serbia's proposal for the Association of Serb municipalities in Kosovo is the best way to solve the problem of parallel institutions in this country. We can not say that we are close to or away from the deal, that situation changes at any moment. There are still differences as regards powers of association. "Baroness Ashton added that now is the time of consultation about what was discussed and will be implemented on the ground. She confirmed that the next meeting will be held on April 2. Meanwhile, Thaci and Dacic have traveled to New York, where he will participate in the session of the Security Council for Kosovo.

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