Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Appointments before the election," Sollaku: maneuver Nishani courts

Tirana -
The majority are rushing to nominate her people's Constitutional Court. Only in this way is explained by a member of the Socialist Assembly, former Attorney General, Theodore Sollaku, the push to enact President 3 new names in this court, although legally can not do it before 21 May.
On this date, 3 years ago expired mandate for Xhezair Zagonjarit, Admir Thanzës and Petrit Plloçi, 2 of whom are still in office and on this date, and not earlier, according Sollaku should be replaced.

"By doing two months ago, the president does nothing but is contrary to the Constitution and the rules set by the law for the functioning of the Constitutional Court. Why do it? Obviously, if the decision of the Constitutional Court will be on May 21, means that we are at a time when Parliament is dissolved due to the campaign. Apparently, I think, and this majority pressure on the president made ​​to feel scared for reconfirmation of third mandatiti "Sollaku said.

Initiative is anikushtetuese president, he said, and the fact that, should be court to declare vakancën in before the president and members of Parliament to be put in motion. Which, according Sollaku has not happened.

A few days ago the head of state, Bujar Nishani consulted with the heads of parliamentary groups in the Constitutional and Supreme Court judgments, and invited interested parties to bring CVs in the Presidency on 21 March.

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