Thursday, March 21, 2013

EightEight thousand people ready to leave on another planet

nasas-rover-curiosity-captures-the-landscape-on-marsDutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp, looking for people who want to travel to the planet Mars for his project "Mars One", but offer no return ticket.

"There is technology that will send people to Mars and will keep alive. However, there is still a technology that can turn people from Mars to Earth, "said Lansdrop.

In an interview on CBC Radio, he said that requires independent people who react well in groups and give their best in difficult situations.

The goal of his project is to establish a colony of 20 people in March, who will live there and everything will be under the supervision of the cameras.

The flight is scheduled for September 2022, while passengers will undergo a primary training.

Lansdorp has announced that so far 8,000 people have applied, who want to escape from Earth. / Telegraphh. / Telegraph

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