Friday, March 22, 2013

Bumçi Tirana race

Aldo BumçiAlthough the electoral code stipulates 23 May as the official beginning of the campaign, the real work based Democratic Party has been for weeks. The head of the most important branch of the DP branch of Tirana, Aldo explains PD goes with confidence on 23 June that will win third term. Beyond the programs and achievements of the last 8 years under Bumçi an important pillar for the electoral battle victory is even broader coalition. Although the formalization of the DP-led coalition will be made only at the beginning of April; Bumçi explains that the Democratic party is open to an alliance with LSI but also HRUP. Mayor of Tirana PD Aldo declares that the present government does not face the problem of consumption. Although the lists of candidates for deputies are not expected to be made public until the deadline, which predicted the electoral code; MPs and ministers are working in Tirana by the division of the 2011 local elections hoping that the same strategy is followed in the race for mayor of Tirana will prove successful.

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