Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alliance with Meta, Imami: PD-LSI together after 23 June

Tirana -
Defence Minister and concurrently head of the Democratic campaign in Elbasan, Arben Imami, believes that 
after June 23 will be ruling coalition government 2009-2013. Despite the problems and grievances that can be displayed, governed by LSI for the past four years, according to Arben Imami has been functioning.

"As for those who say, unhappiness, these are normal. But what is important is that the coalition has worked. We move forward without any problems in the past four years and hope to walk so before and the next four years. Yet are not përfiguruar final electoral coalitions, but I am sure that this current constellation in its entirety will be one that will constitute the governing coalition. We will fight to get the most votes and the most seats in Parliament. This What I have said is that we govern parties will win in Elbasan, "said Imam.

Arben Imami thinks the Democrats have been successful in eight years of governance and therefore are heading for a third term. He says that in addition to the program need and organizing election victory party.

"In all of this very important movement is how to cope organizationally by election day and party all campaigns. We are working with the organization. Organizing party choice is concrete condition that these successes, achievements, victories, results are vulnerable, "he said.

It assesses positively the return of Edward Selami and pro opening of the Democratic Party. "The party is open and the fact is that the opening of PD has only affected positively and has led to two wins, will lead to a third," follows the Imam.

As an important part of the electoral race are lists of candidates, Arben Imami said that there would be a revolution within the current caucus. Regarding political opponent, he estimates that Edi Rama is entering into this election without the program.

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