Friday, March 22, 2013

"Even 250 thousand jobs"

 “Edhe 250 mije vende pune”Employment has been a major promise Prime Minister Sali Berisha has articulated during the inauguration of the segment Gramsh - Kodovjat. Before area residents majority leader has listed the investments that the government has done in this area in 8 years, promising 250 thousand new jobs if citizens give mandate 3.
"In the coming 4 years will open 250 thousand new jobs. This is a real promise of the concrete base. We will redouble Gramsh grants its farmers and the entire country. 6 billion dollars foreign investment will have 4 years to come with this new investment package. Tourism will be 6.7 million in 2017, "the Prime Minister said that investment in infrastructure will occupy the main part of the budget again promising a new road with short that will connect the city of Elbasan Gramsh, Maliqi or Skrapar.

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