Friday, March 22, 2013

143 thousand farms with less in the country

143 mije ferma me pak ne vendIn the past 15 years agricultural economic units in the country are lined with at least 40% translated to numbers 143 thousand less. INSTAT has published preliminary data for farms with agricultural and livestock activities, leading in total about 324 thousand units. But if you refer to the last census in 2008 nationwide were 467 thousand such units. According to specialists, most of them are left uncultivated due to migration in areas near the border, or migration to remote places. Although they continue to be registered as a farm, do not meet the status of being such. There are no detailed data on the form of these farms, growers activity or number of employees. But if you refer to the official census figure in 99.77% of cases the entity is registered as a physical person, which means that most of them are just small family activities that provide family members living in rural areas.

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