Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Premier Berisha congratulates Pope Francis

The Holy Father congratulated and shook his hand. Received his blessing, having a date in mind

"It's so undeniably a divine blessing for the next victory, not to say that even sky vegoi. But move sure to June 23, to victory blessed by the Holy Father. "

Believes so because of the history of his visits to the Vatican

"I can not emphasize a fortunate coincidence in my political career. Since '92 to date, before any electoral victory, I've had the chance to be at the Vatican to meet with the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II to Pope Francesco I ".

At the invitation of the Holy See, Prime Minister Berisha and Parliament Speaker Topalli attended inauguration Mass of Pope Francis I, in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, where it happened and greeted him. Invited to visit Albania

"Papa Francesco has chosen to be pope human compassion, caring for those in need of the poor. I had the opportunity to shake hands amicably and wish them great successes in his divine mission in the world Catholic Church leadership, but also to invite to come to Korea as a great friend and distinguished Albanian people ".

The Vatican was and other Albanian Prime Minister Hashim Thaci at the top of the Kosovar delegation. Berisha also had a meeting with him.

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