Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Opposition: ERE charge, does not protect the interests of consumers

Tirana -
People often lack energy because the government allowed CEZ-in to abuse consumers. Even energy restrictions continue even after the administration of CEZ Distribution state. These charges raised during the presentation opposition ERE report for 2012 of Productive Activities Commission. Leftists stated that ERE has its përgjgjesinë this situation, as it does not protect the rights of citizens.

ERE leader admitted that there were problems with the wide range of energy and this was the fault of the Czechs who are not well managed company. But now he said he has no complaints with the ERE for lack of energy.

In terms of power supply, Dixon admitted that in rural areas there is a need for further investment in the network. From about 1 million household subscribers across the country, 75% of them did not exceed the tariff of 300 kW / h per month, paid it ALL priced at 7.7 kWh. As the price of electricity for households will remain unchanged until the end of 2014.

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