Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Suspended searches for child

Police has already established a place where to conduct research to find the body of 11-year-old dead Julian Çela. After the failure of the physical examination is waiting for a more specialized tool.

Sharra landfill searches were stopped after police deemed impossible finding the remains of the boy killed. They say that in these conditions and with these tools can not provide a result and need more specialized tools, but without giving details on when it will be taken any concrete action. This apathy has prompted searches of households that require more commitment.

"We have confidence in the fairness and 
to state. But see delays and these searches are receding. Police arrived at 10.00, made ​​a siege and so. As of yesterday when there was police monsters must be very careful, as he says here is the blanket that is tangible proof. But research is not done properly, "said Julian family Key.

While investigations continue, police determine the location where it will conduct its research, on the basis of the testimony of self Ardian Prrenjas who admitted killing toddler.

For family members, his sayings are controversial, while the procedural actions Prosecution and judicial police, they have their reservations. In their individual research results that waste discharges from 30 November have been in another sector and not where pedophilia Prrenjas claims to have seen the body of 11-year-old.

"Managers here have documented that where dumped garbage. On November 30 has become the record November rubbish are dumped in a particular sector, not in the place where it says that there are monsters cast body. Prosecutors must look good this issue "say family members.

Police have taken into custody the Sharra landfill while suspended until an indefinite time the destruction of its waste in a sector, where it is suspected that it may be minor body cast. During that marriages are not conducted research, while its police have more confidence in finding minor bones.

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