Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Consensus on "TAP", in April the project receives a building permit

Tirana -
National Territorial Council is expected to approve in March toll trajectory that will pass through Albanian territory, TAP pipeline. Receiver for oil and gas projects in the Ministry of Energy, Stavri Dimas has shed light on the details of the project which will pass in 28 municipalities.

"The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy shall submit to the National Council of the Territory for the approval of the track where it will go and where it will take place TAP project that Bilisht zone entry and exit in Seman which will be the same and the two stations compressor. Maybe by the end of April, beginning of May, will go to the TAC "Dimas said.

The Law Commission adopted by consensus unanimous agreement gazjellësit building that will pass through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania and Italy. The representative of the Ministry of Energy specified the location of gas deposits after the project is completed building.

About 250 million cubic meters of gas is expected to pass through pipes located in the territory of Albania, to pass later in other countries involved in the project.

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