Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Serbia and Kosovo, as the two Germanys?

Deadline for Serbia is running. In June, EU leaders will decide when to start membership talks with Serbia. But Serbia must first make some compromises with Kosovo.

This is a summary of the four Members government faction German CDU / CSU, who were in Belgrade government to review the current situation.

They said Serbian Prime Minister or President, in writing or in front of the camera, you must promise to sign the agreement on good neighborly relations with Kosovo, so this will be a legal act.

Social-Christian and Christian Democratic deputies said they have proposed the Serbian government and Kosovo a form of communication and collaboration as the one that the two Germanys had in 1972.

German MPs have expressed optimism that both governments will prove open to this model of co-existence. But if the reforms do not occur, it is unlikely development of Serbia report that will be presented to the EU Commission on 16 April, will be positive.

German MPs said that judicial reforms are not satisfactory, and the evaluation of the dialogue will be based on the positions of both parties involved.

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