Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Axis, destroyed rural roads

28 villages municipalities Luftinjë and Buz on the axis of two months does not communicate with the national axis and cities. About 8,000 residents of this area are completely blocked after the destruction of over 18 km of rural road slides and demolition.

Many tools have remained isolated along the axis while other people are trying to succeed by throwing himself on the street or even stones.

Residents traveling with whole km walk to the other health care services in 8 schools teaching these municipalities between which and a high school with 250 students is almost suspended. Time for learning is inadequate because teachers are forced to go along with walking miles to get to school.

Residents say that since the beginning of the degradation of the axis is not taken any steps, and no one is answering their concern out of emergencies. Enterprise Director of Rural Roads in Tepelenë Luljeta Caka said the company does not have any physical or financial means to cope with the situation. In her path requires capital investment and the situation can not be resolved with maintenance services.

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