Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Researching in rubish bins to find the body of Julian Celes

Lifeless body of Julian Key, located here. This was said to own 45-year-old arrested as a pedophile murderer, Ardian Prenas.

But how will need to start intensive research investigative group, to extract the body, or to verify if it is really there.
Experts have gone only once. To get the story of 45-year-old, where the body lay lifeless.

So far, the group has provided investigative suspected place where the dead body, and carries out as it can allow free eye finding gjurmve.

Landfill waste at noon went to see the investigative or research director for Serious Crimes Police, Tony Vocaj.

Police sources on the second day thereafter for detection of crime and apprehension of the author, have postponed Wednesday for intensive research actions lanfild finding lifeless body.

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