Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Measured state tender for the buzzer. Ng: No party administrator

Tirana -
210 schools in the country will be equipped with devices that block cell during the graduation exam. Ministry of Education officials say the "AS" during the next two days will be held tender for the purchase of these devices, which have a high financial cost.

"They have a significant financial value. Providing all facilities, 210 schools, and each school has no less than 10 places where the exam. Every classroom or every environment may take more than one device, having facilities wingers such as gyms. So it is a significant number of devices. Ministry will be cut in terms of measures and we will do so as a means to demonstrate and to eliminate even a rumor that during the campaign the Ministry of Education will be more tolerant or more rigid, "says ng.

Education authorities have postponed while the time period for completing the form A1 online. Because it is made ​​and bad weather in different areas of the country, which has led to problems with the internet. All young people who have not completed A1 online will complete it manually.

"We have a problem such as for example, in the municipality of Shkodra saddle where there is no internet, the road is blocked and we deliver custom high school students will meet in person A1 forms. To send in Shkodra, not by car, but with conditions other. apply to a school in Shkodra and then the application will be online, "says ng.

Currently, according to data from education officials so far have met the A1 around 24 thousand young people, while this figure is expected to be higher in the coming days.

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