Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Street reconstruction of Kosovars

Have begun to road reconstruction works of Kosovars to Akuadromi, near Tirana Artificial Lake.

This road will be the parameters of a boulevard, said Mayor Basha, while concern for mud created in different parts of the capital due to the commencement of works in several ways at the same time, he blamed heavy these days, while promised the end of all roads in the specified deadlines.

"In some cases, the works are slowing due to rainfall. In some cases, the first phase of works are digging in combination with precipitation have caused unpleasant situations in the city, I am aware of this, as I am aware that the work of this nature in one way or another, in the construction phase have negative impacts on the city. during the winter accompanied by mud, dust summer to hope that the advantage of the works that have begun at this time is that after we left behind during the rainfall at least the period of summer find us in the last stage of that of the pavement, "said Basha

Kosovars road with a length of 500 meter and 12 meter width will be provided with troturare 4 meters width, lighting and any other element of a boulevard.

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